Meet Engracia


                        Who am I?

I am Love. I am Kindness. I am Positive. I am Unicorn. I am the woman behind DURA NATURA with ONE MISSION:


Born in Angola, raised in Germany and now living in the Netherlands. 

A multi-passionate human being because '' I don't fit in one box'', even Spotify is confused which genre of music they should fit me, today I listen to Bossa Nova, tomorrow I'm jamming to Afro House and later at night I get my brainwaves down to attract & manifest to Binaural Beats.


...not because it is a trend. No. Around the age of 15 eating meat felt awkward, relaxing my hair turned me off (putting chemicals in your hair to soften them). Thinking about ways to live a life more aligned with the nature felt like arriving. Today I know it always has been my destiny. To live greener than yesterday. 

                Dura Natura... the answer to my cravings of doing ''something with impact''. I worked previously for and with organic, fair trade and sustainable producers of agriculture products, I always loved the idea of working in a product based Marketing Agency (because of the samples I guess). So, I basically through all my dreams, desires and knowledge in a pot and boom DURA NATURA was born in 2019.


I believe in creating your reality, so I did create mine and I'm so here to help entrepreneur creating and making their sustainable products MAINSTREAM and for the free samples. Just kidding.


Because you know what? Keeping yourself small and stuck isn’t serving anyone.

                  By  the way

and those secret, soul-stirring visions you have for yourself? You know, the ones you’re almost too scared to admit how badly you want them? They’re all possible, and they all start with YOU water them to grow…

                  My dream is... see sustainable, reusable, people-planet-animal harmless products EVERYWHERE we go. If we share the same mission, let's get in touch. I will help you create sustainable products and in case you have already developed one, I will help you sell it in the German & Dutch market. Either way, lets #makesustainabilitymainstream



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