10 reasons why it might be time for a rebrand

Rebranding - the revision of your brand and your public appearance. It can include the renewal of your corporate design, like logos, slogans and color palette, to a complete renewal of your entire corporate identity, including strategy, pricing, or products. Reasons for this can vary. Ideally, your brand should always (visibly) reflect your company's philosophy and personality. If that is no longer the case, then costumers will have a hard time identifying with your brand, which is likely to lead to failure. We at DURA|NATURA have just launched our new branding. As a Sales & Marketing agency for sustainable and organic brands, we felt like our Corporate Design didn't reflect our philosophy and our connection to earth.

A rebrand should not be taken lightly however. If done wrong, it could backfire and you could risk losing those customers that did like your old branding. You could spend tons of money on the wrong Corporate Design. Or you could launch your newly branded business at the wrong time. It is therefore advised to really think about why your previous brand didn't work the way you wanted it to, which parts did work well and should stay, and which parts you would like to change.

A fresh look for your brand can include a new color palette

We put together 8 reasons why a fresh branding could make sense for your business:

1. Connect with a new audience

Your main target group has changed. For example, you have been focusing on millennials in the past but have noticed that your repeat customers have mainly been in the age group 40+ recently. You may want to start focusing on this age group instead and subsequently change your appearance to a design more suited to this group

2. Find your USP

You have noticed that competition is growing and you want your business to stand out. Find out what it is that sets you apart and why customers should pick your brand over the others. Then communicate it.

3. Stay current

Times are changing and so are trends. While a certain design or style might have been hip five years ago, this might have totally changed since then. You don't want your business to look old-fashioned or out-dated.

4. Your company has evolved

You started off with different products/services than you are offering now? An overall make over might help communicate this to your costumers.

5. An overall boost for your business

A rebrand can help tp bring your business forward. Being able to stand out against competition and appearing more attractive or modern to clients are impeccable for success.

6. Bad press

They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. However, you might want to try and minimize negative associations and shift towards a more positive image. In extreme cases, this can even include an entirely new name.

7. Inconsistent Corporate Identity

Your Corporate Identity is the heart and soul of your business. You should show it everywhere and you should show it consistently - only this way your clients will be able to remember you and associate certain logos, claims or colors with your business. The first step towards this is implementing a Corporate Design including fonts, logo, color palette and photography style, that you can use on your Social Media platforms and overall communication. Do you need help with finding your Corporate Design/house style? At DURA|NATURA were specialized in finding a suitable and strong Corporate Identity with you, that reflects precisely what your business stands for. Read more about the possibilities here.

8. Internationalization

When in Rome, do as the Roman's do. If you're planning on expanding into other countries, you want to consider cultural as well as language differences. Your brand name might have a completely different meaning in Spanish than in English, and your Corporate colour palette might call up associations that you don't want for your brand. Raider changed their name to Twix upon going international, for example.

In an ever faster evolving society, there will inevitable be a time where change is necessary. For some this might come faster than for others. On average, a rebrand is done every 1-7 years. We are here to help you with the decision, but in the end it is up to you to decide whether the time has come.

Always keep in mind though: "The only thing more expensive than rebranding is an unnecessary brand".

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